EVENT:  The Wines of Bordeaux
Saturday 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm:
Wine Tasting Seminar:         $45.00
The Wines of Bordeaux
Presented by Barton & Guestier:
Location: Twin Maples House
                  214 Springfield Avenue
                  The Summit, NJ 07901

The Wines of Bordeaux
It is the largest wine producing region of France, producing over 700 million bottles of wine in most vintages, ranging from large quantities of everyday table wine, to some of the most expensive and prestigious wines in the world. Since the Middle Ages, writers, poets, statesmen and philosophers have sung its praises. England and France waged war for over 300 years for control of its legendary vineyards. Its wines were among the first in history to be marketed in glass bottles with corks and actively collected by connoisseurs. For many generations of wine lovers, it represents the very essence of what wine is all about: Bordeaux.

Since 1725, the firm of Barton et Guestier have played a leading role in spreading the fame of this superb viticultural region throughout the globe in their multi-faceted capacity of negociant, vigneron, producer and proprietor of some of Bordeaux’s best vineyards and wines.

B&G Wines presents a wonderful seminar featuring a selection of Bordelaise wines highlighting a wide variety of styles ranging from crisp, zesty whites, to deep, complex reds and lush, decadent dessert wines. Join Clementine Quereaux, Export Manager for Barton & Guestier, as she guides you through the fascinating world of the classic wines of Bordeaux.