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Alex has more than 25 years of leadership and operational management experience working for some of the most interesting and diverse Hospitality and Restaurant companies in the United States. He is intimately familiar with the East and West Coast Markets as well as the recently expanding Mid-West. An innovator and “out of the box” thinker, his vision and expertise in marketing and in-house development have achieved noticeable results in all sectors of his field.

His teaching and training seminars have become his signature and his educational manuals and materials emulated within the industry. Alex’s belief in people and his personal investment in their successes have made him a popular point person for advice and help long after his professional collaboration with them has ended. He is often requested to lend his talents and passion to charitable organizations and events which he does generously for Am Far, Naples Food and Wine Even, Bocca Resort Food and Wine Weekend, as well Gourmet Magazine, Cucina Italiana, Wine Enthusiast Magazine, and the Bacchus Society to name a few.

Offering a rare blend of operational and back of the house expertise coupled with his passion for wine, food and service, Alex offers vision as well a collaborative spirit and practical skill-set that can quickly and effectively identify goals and development strategies. This effective approach is reflected in his work as Director of Operations of Sushi Samba and Tao N.Y. both multi million dollar companies where his interpersonal and operational know how delivered impressive results.

His turnaround capabilities were highlighted with his modern reinvention of an antiquated brand. As G.M. of Alfredo’s of Rome, Rockefeller Ctr. He supervised the building and was a creative force in the reemerging of a brand that evoked the glamour and appeal of old Hollywood and the fifties but had no place in the current landscape. This reinvention required major shifts in strategy, operations, design, marketing and packaging and merchandising. Alex had a significant impact on growth, branding and Human Resources philosophy.

He also had a similar effect on a more current brand, Sushi Samba. The extremely profitable and exciting concept popular with celebrities and the urban powerful, Alex was originally brought in to run the NYC stores. His role was quickly expanded to include the chic South Beach location as well as the burgeoning Chicago market and he quickly brought all locations to a peak period of internal stability and profitability that they sustained throughout his tenure.

Alex’s executive tenure in some of the most venerated and well known institutions such as Tavern on the Green, Princess Cruise Lines, Paramount Pictures and B.R. Guest couples with his personal drive, linguistic talents and seasoned travel has exposed him to the most accomplished people in his field. He is known as a seasoned veteran a dynamic collaborator and a creative thinker who brings his passion to every project he is a part of. His latest endeavors bring him to the exciting g Atlantic City market and next to Princeton, New Jersey.

Alex received his B.A. in Business from Bryant College in Rhode Island and has contributed to Wine Enthusiast, Cucina Italiana Magazine, Italian Cooking and Living, Gourmet Magazines premiere events and various charity and community organizations. He lives in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey with his loving wife and three beautiful children.

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