Gotham Steel Vs Red Copper Pans Review.

The big battle gotham steel vs red copper cookware continues to rumble on with no clear winner as of yet.

In the red corner, Red Copper holds forte is going blow by blow with its greatest competitor- the Gotham steel, holding strong in the blue corner.Gotham Steel Vs Red Copper Pans

Each is preparing for another round in this epic showdown.

So, who among the 2 titans will finally ascend to the thrown?

Should you pick a red copper pan or a gotham steel pan?

Well, I want you to be the judge.

But I will equip you with all the relevant information about each of the 2 ‘fighters’.

So, read on and later, let me know your verdict!

What Is Red Copper?

I bet you have across one of those gripping red copper infomercials. Or at least met red copper’s many ads on YouTube.

Well, here is the truth.

Red copper is one of the preeminent non-stick cookware.

Made of copper and ceramic, its ceramic surface makes food to slide right off after cooking

All food! Even the notoriously sticky caramelized sugar!

It generally gives incredible cooking results.

In addition, Copper is a tough nut to crack and will not peel or chip.

What about Gotham Steel?

As good as its opponent in marketing, Gotham steel’s non-stick ceramic surface is blended with titanium.

This provides easy and mess-free cooking.

Unbelievable as it sounds, you can cook without using oil or butter with Gotham steel pans.

The Similarities

Our 2 contenders share in a few things. Let’s look at them first.

  • Looks

The two share in beauty and glamour. Both have copper color surfaces and in fact, on appearance only, it’s hard to say who the queen will be.

  • Non-Stick

Again, both are non-stick cookware.

Both claim pride of place based on their ability to easily slide all foods right from the pan after cooking.

  • Heat Resistance

Both pans can resist crazy temperatures – capping at 500 degrees Fahrenheit so you can use pans in your oven

  • Cleaning

The 2 antagonists are dishwasher safe and can be cleaned by simply wiping with a soft towel

  • Health and Safety

Still, our challengers are free from harmful chemicals such as PFOA and PTFE so they are considered as very safe cookware


As you can see, they may seem quite the same. But are they equals?

The Differences

Moving on, let’s see where the 2 differ like chalk and cheese.

  • Material Used

Red Copper gets its non-stick surface from a mix of copper and ceramic while Gotham Steel obtains its non-stick performance from ceramic infused with titanium.

  • Heat Distribution

Copper tops titanium in heat distribution. That’s why you have seen many red copper square pan reviews claiming that red copper delivers better cooked and more even dishes.

It’s for the same reason that a number of Gotham steel pan reviews bash it accusing it of getting sticky when preparing eggs or vegetables

  • The Not So Significant Differences

There are other minor differences.

One, in pricing, red copper cookware comes out as slightly cheaper.

Secondly, red copper edges its great rival in the size of the cooking area- it’s a bit wider.

Our Strategy

Seeing that it’s a tough task separating the two, we decided to match-up a few Gotham steel pans to the best red copper pans.

Here are our findings, starting with the finest red copper pan reviews

Best Red Copper Pans Reviews.

The following are the best red copper pans

1. Red Copper Cookware Set – Infused Ceramic Non-Stick 10 PC.

This is a fascinating collection of 10 cookware pieces including different sized frying pans, sauce pots, and an aluminum insert.

Each of the pots and pans has a strong copper ceramic coating so you will enjoy preparing your recipes in a non-stick, scratch-resistant and healthy cooking surface.

With this set, you can Fry up your loved egg recipes, Sauté your healthy veggies, simmering your best one-pan meal plus more.

Gotham Steel Vs Red Copper Pans ReviewCheck Updated Price On Amazon.


  • Tough-grade oven safe cookware set
  • Non-stick and scratch-resistant cooking surface
  • PFTE & PFOA free
  • 10-inch fry pan (with lid) & 8-inch fry pan
  • 1.5, 2.5, 6-quart sauce pots (each with a lid)
  •  Aluminum steamer insert


  • Very good price
  • Nothing sticks
  • Easy cleanup
  • Won’t warp
  • Cooks thoroughly


  • May become sticky as they age


This is a fantastic collection of non-stick, healthy 10 cookware pieces in different sizes and design including pans, sauce pots plus an aluminum insert.

The oven safe set has guile and guts to deliver you loved meals any time the way you have always wanted.

2. Red Copper Pan Ceramic Copper Infused Non-Stick Fry Pan 12”.

The red copper pan ceramic copper infused non-stick fry pan 12 inch includes a 10/12-inch pan with a comfortable stay-cool stovetop handle.

The handle makes it easier to move your copper steel pan from the oven/stove to your dining table.

Then, as you would expect, it’s aluminum cooking rings go all out to ensure balanced heating for a well-cooked meal of mouth-watering Brown chicken or steak.

And it cooks in no time.

gotham steel pan reviewsCheck Updated Price On Amazon.


  • 10/12-inch pan
  • Scratch-resistant ceramic coating
  • Aluminum cooking rings
  • Can transition to 500 degrees Fahrenheit in a flash
  • Stay-cool stovetop handle


  • Cooks in a moment
  • Non-stick
  • Won’t bend
  • Easy to scrub
  • Handle Stays Cool all through


  • Doesn’t cook that well when using olive oil.


The red copper vs gotham steel match has another impressive red copper option in this red copper pan ceramic copper infused non-stick fry pan 12 inch

It has a 10/12-inch pan fitted with a neat stay-cool stovetop handle and quickly become chefs favorite pan shortly after arriving.

3. Red Copper Cookware Set 5 Piece.

Some sets come with large stockpots. Others seem to favor smaller families. Yet other looks as if they try to cater for everyone at the same time.

Like this red copper cookware set 5 piece which is designed to cook in 8 different ways. So, it can be a solution even for bigger families- especially when guys have different tastes.

You can be baking one moment, then broiling next moment. In another few minutes, you could be sautéing, steaming, braising, roasting or deep-frying.

It’s up to all the tasks!

Of the entire set, the 10-inch pan gives you a bigger thanks to its square design.

red copper cookware setCheck Updated Price On Amazon.


  • Multipurpose pan set
  • 4-inch high sides
  • Vented tempered glass lid
  • Includes a 10-inch square pan (with a helper handle), fry basket, roaster rack, steamer and recipe guide


  • Clears your cabinet of unnecessary clutter
  • Tall sides prevent splattering
  • Very versatile
  • Bigger cooking area
  • Deeper


  • The bottom is a tad too convex (for flat sitting)
  • A bit costly


By cooking in 8 different ways, this offers everyone a chance to enjoy their favourite dish while freeing your cabinets of extra clutter.

Super versatile and safe, this puts up a compelling defence for the red side in our latest red copper pan vs Gotham steel clash.

4.  Red Copper Square Dance Pan Review. 9.5-Inch

Induction cooking is utterly efficient as it wastes very little heat, and can be turned off in seconds.

Furthermore, it has numerous safety advantages over gas stoves.  Then, cooktops are easier to clean as they never get too hot

You can use this square dance pan to prepare everything from juicy desserts, yummy pizzas, and sweet pancakes.

Best of it all, it works on induction and any stovetop – gas, electric, and even glass.

 red copper square dance pan reviewCheck Updated price On Amazon.


  • Square design
  • higher sides
  • Includes one 9.5-inch Square-design Dance Pan plus a recipe guide
  • Works on various cooktops


  • Lets you cook more at once
  • Works with induction cooktops
  • Heats evenly
  • Great even with olive oil
  • Doesn’t mess your cooktops


  • Handle is somehow awkward to hold


One of the few pans to support induction cooking in our Red Copper Pan vs Gotham Steel Pan faceoff, this square dance pan cooks more at once and with higher sides, it doesn’t mess your cooktop.

If you are a fan of induction cooking, this could be your saviour.

Gotham Steel Pans And Cookware Reviews

From the other side, we picked the 4 greatest Gotham steel pans. The following were our findings

1. Gotham Steel Frying Pan and Cookware Set 10-Piece.

Just because purchasing cookware in complete sets is cheaper than buying individual pieces doesn’t mean that sets will always be the best bargain.

But we have a few exceptions and this Gotham Steel Frying Pan and cookware set 10-piece is one.

It has a total of 10 well-made cooking pieces and is thus one of the more complete cooking sets out there.

You have different sized frying pans (the biggest is 10.25-inches), sauce pots, lids, and an aluminum Steamer Insert.

 gotham steel cookware Check Updated Price On Amazon.


  • Lightweight
  • 10 piece set : 8.5-inch frying pan, 10.25-inch frying pan, lid for the 10.25-inch pan, 1.5-quart sauce pot, lid for the 1.5-quart pot, 2.5-quart sauce pot,  lid for the 2.5-quart pot, 5-quart pot, lid for the 5-quart sauce pot, and aluminum steamer insert
  • Works with baking and stovetop cooking


  • Weighs less than most of its peers
  • Everything slides easily off
  • Won’t snap
  • Flame-proof
  • Air-tight seal once closed


  • Doesn’t work with induction cooktops


This versatile 10-pc cookware set proudly represents Gotham steel in our Gotham Steel vs

Red Copper Pan matchup

With all the pans, sauce pots, lids, and the aluminium insert working well, this gotham steel pot could prove a super bargain.

2. Gotham Steel Pan – Titanium Frying Pan 11”

The problem with sets is that you may end up with unnecessary pieces. That’s why manufacturers also make single units.

This Gotham steel titanium frying pan 11 inches helps you prepare a wider variety of your favorite foods

It has a wider cooking surface and cooks very fast and is another chef’s favorite Gotham steel pan.

gotham steel pan setCheck Updated Price On Amazon.


  • 9.5 x 1.8 inches pan
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Titanium ceramic coating
  • Aluminum cookware


  • Ultra-durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Bigger cooking area
  • Totally non-sticking
  • No butter or oil needed


  • Not compatible with induction cooking
  • Come without a lid


If you don’t want to fill up your cabinets with unnecessary cookware, this spacious, ultra-durable utensil will help you cook all your food, safely and in minutes.

It’s a superb option for saving your time, space and effort in the kitchen.

3. Gotham Steel Pot – Cool Pasta Pot.

Straining can be a pain if you don’t have the right kitchenware. You will end up spilling your pasta everywhere.

Gotham Steel 4 quart or 5-quart non-stick pasta pot is created to make straining less clumsy.

Featuring a lock-on tempered glass lid, this has larger holes on one side and smaller holes on the opposite side so that you can drain both larger and smaller foods easily.

You can also use it to boil and mash potatoes.

And it’s very easy to use!

gotham steel potCheck Updated Price On Amazon.


  • Twist and lock handles
  • Tempered glass lid
  • 2 sizes: 4 and 5 quart
  • Ti-cerama coating
  • Large and small straining holes


  • Remains cool to your touch
  • Healthier food thanks to reduced calories and fat
  • Minimizes food wastage during cooking
  • Never cracks
  • Nice lid


  • The handles quality may be a bit questionable


A popular occurrence in our Gotham steel cookware reviews is this stress-reducing Gotham Steel 4 quart or 5-quart non-stick pasta pot

It makes straining plain sailing and as a bonus, you can use it to cook and mash potatoes.

4. Gotham Steel Cookware Set -15 Piece Chef’s Kitchen Set.

Having 15 pieces of assorted cookware, this can be used to cook virtually any dish under the sun.

It’s one of the most detailed set in our entire gotham steel pans and cookware reviews and has all the special qualities associated with all Gotham’s steel pans.

We liked the fact that it retains your foods’ original nutrients so your meals are even healthier.

 gotham steel cookwareCheck Updated Price On Amazon.


  • Super lightweight
  • 15 piece set: Includes 8.5-Inch frying pan, 10.25-Inch frying pan (And its lid), 1.5-Quart Steel pot, 2.5-Quart Steel pot (and its lead), 5-quart Steel pot (and its lead), aluminum steamer insert, 9.5-inch deep square pan (plus its lid), fry basket, steam rack and 9.5-inch shallow square pan.
  • Ultra-non-stick
  • See through cooking lids


  • Versatile
  • Weighs less than the rest
  • Never warps
  • Feel very sturdy
  • Heat evenly


  • The handles on its lids get very hot


Being a collection of 15 pieces of assorted cookware, this is the ultimate cookware set. With it, you can prepare and enjoy practically every other meal.

This could be the most all-rounded set among all our Gotham steel pan vs red copper pan entrants.  

Factors To Consider When Buying A Cookware Set.

When purchasing cookware, you will need to focus on a few things.

Here are a few:

  • Useful Features and Properties

Of course, certain properties are a must. These include non-stick coating, oven safe capability and healthy cooking.

Others you may consider include whether it’s multi-purpose and whether it can work with different stovetops.

  • Reputation Of The Manufacturer

Yes, listening to what others are saying about the manufacturer can help. If the others are all praises for the makers, then most likely you will end up with something copper vs copper chef

Run if you frequently hear not so good opinions.

  • How Will Be Using The Cookware?

Knowing the purpose of your target cookware is very important. Will you be cooking for your big family or just simple, smaller meals?

This will help you know the ideal size plus the ideal features.


The gotham steel vs red copper matchup doesn’t have an outright winner with two players going toe to toe.

What is clear however is that both are great options in cooking healthy, well-prepared food due to their non-stick features and being free of harmful materials such as PFOS, PFOA, and PTFE.

They are also very easy to clean.

In short, save for minor issues like pricing, size of cooking surface and type of ceramic coating, this battle may require yet another round unless you, the judge, decides otherwise.

And if so, let us know your favorite Gotham steel or red copper pan in the comments.

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